We are the authorized
Distributor of Geparlys, Paris Corner, Carbon Coco, and a few other brands from around the globe.

For years we have been working with the perfume industry experts in national and global scale. We are a distributor of certain brands of Fragrances, and Personal Care products mainly from Europe, Middle East and Australia. Maintaining these
connections keeps us updated with the dynamic of the industry, which helps us stay relevant with the market and find the best ways and opportunities to make our approaches.

As per our vision to only provide good products for Indonesian market, we do not bring just any brands. We ensure the brands and products are carefully selected based on their compatibility with Indonesian consumers from a 360 degree angle bringing out their potential to be accepted in the Indonesian market.

Geparlys Laid Back Girl
Geparlys Be Seduced Girl

At Aromatik International, we are a restless bunch, never satisfied with our achievements or progress; we constantly push ourselves and our team mates to do better in every aspect of the business.
We are deeply committed to bringing to our customers the best in couture perfumes, premium skincare, cosmetics, and bath essentials; we are seeking tie ups with global brands who are keen to tap the Indonesian market. If your company has world class beauty and fragrance products for distribution in Indonesia, do touch base with us. We’re looking forward to embarking on an exciting, mutually beneficial and profitable journey with a reliable partner to fulfill the demands of our customers and experience growth.