About Us

About Us

Who we are?

Aromatik International is a leading distributor of international perfumes and cosmetics in Indonesia. For over 15 years, Aromatik has brought in a profusion of fragrance to Indonesians.

Aromatik International is synonymous with exemplary customer service, and we have carved a niche for ourselves in the industry due to this very reason. At Aromatik, we are not just passionate about fragrance, we are committed to going the extra mile for serving our customers. Little wonder then, that our pool of loyal customers is growing by the day. Our customers expect the highest degree of professionalism and service from us, and we never disappoint them. And as the leading distributor of beauty and fragrance products in Indonesia, we get priority when it comes to the latest products.

No organization can be effective without good employees – and we can proudly say that we have some of the best employees in the industry. All our employees are highly trained and possess impeccable organizational and communication skills, and function as an efficient team to provide timely and professional service to our customers.

Management & directors

A family owned business, Aromatik has seen explosive growth in the past five years under the dynamic stewardship of the current Managing Director, Sachin Kirpalani. His exceptional leadership has motivated the sales and marketing teams to be proactive and assiduous, boosting revenues like never before. He is completely hands-on, and has built a strong rapport with our major customers through regular meetings, resolving any issues they may have, and catering to their purchase requirements promptly. In spite of having guided the company to the next level, he refuses to rest on his laurels, and is working tirelessly to ensure that Aromatik International reaches the pinnacle of success in the near future.

Director’s Message

In today’s dynamic business environment, it’s imperative to change your approach to the way you do business. At Aromatik International, we pride ourselves on keeping pace with the contemporary ways, and ensure we implement methodologies to deliver optimal results for our vendors, customers, other stakeholders, and of course, our company.

Sachin Kirpalani
Managing Director of Aromatik International

Our Mission & Vision

Being the prominent beauty products distributor in Indonesia that is recognized for only providing good products for Indonesian market.

Providing carefully selected branded beauty products that suit the Indonesian market in every aspect & Building comfortable working environment that puts the team’s well-being as its priority.

Our Business

Aromatik International carries the most popular and sought after premium international fragrance and cosmetics brands of Europe and the US, like Calvin Klein, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Mont Blanc, Lalique Ferrari, and Mercedes Benz and many more. Aromatik is also the authorized Indonesian distributor of BI ES perfumes of Poland. We make sure to import only from genuine and reputed dealers in the US, Europe, and Middle East, and distribute high quality products across Indonesian cities – to chain stores, department stores, and reputed retailers. Our network is not just vast – it’s like a well-oiled machine that functions smoothly at all times to ensure immaculate distribution and timely deliveries to all our customers.


Why Us?

At Aromatik International, we understand that being well groomed is essential in today’s world, not just to create a good impression professionally or socially, but for personal wellbeing also.

We would like to assure our customers that we are just as concerned about helping you look, smell and feel great, as you are, and will leave no stone unturned to bring you the best and hottest products in beauty and fragrance. We endeavor to make even more reputed brands of perfumes, skin care, and cosmetics available to the people of Indonesia, and are constantly working towards sourcing popular and trending products for our customers. To this end, we are looking to forge mutually beneficial, long term partnerships with top notch international brands. This will allow us to introduce their products into major Indonesian cities where there is high demand for premium cosmetics and perfumes. Aromatik International also caters to the discerning customer, who expects competitive prices without compromising on quality. We aim to have something for everyone, to suit a wide range of preferences and budgets.